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TMS320DM8127SCYE0 - Texas Instruments - Digital Signal Processors & Controllers - DSP
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TMS320DM8127SCYE0(Texas Instruments) Specifications
Manufacturer: TI
Product Category: IC Chips
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Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
Texas Instruments CENTAURUS 3.0 306MHZ IVA, LOW PO RoHS: Compliant Min Qty: 1 Container: Tray 473
In Stock
  • 120 $48.8668
  • 60 $52.7340
  • 10 $54.4920
  • 1 $58.0100
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
Texas Instruments DSPs (Alt: TMS320DM8127SCYE0) RoHS: Compliant Min Qty: 1 Europe - 0
  • 1 €50.2900
  • 10 €48.8900
  • 25 €47.3900
  • 50 €46.0900
  • 100 €44.7900
  • 500 €43.5900
  • 1000 €42.4900
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
Texas Instruments DaVinci Digital Media Processor 1500
  • 1000 $39.9500
  • 750 $40.0800
  • 500 $44.6500
  • 250 $47.4600
  • 100 $47.8100
  • 25 $53.7900
  • 10 $55.5500
  • 1 $59.4100
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