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    Microprocessors - MPU

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    IC MPU SITARA 456MHZ 361NFBGA Sitara

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AM1808EZCE4(Texas Instruments) Description
Additional information about the AM1808EZCE4: The device is a Low-power applications processor based on ARM926EJ-S . The device enables OEMs and ODMs to quickly bring to market devices featuring robust operating systems support, rich user interfaces, and high processing performance life through the maximum flexibility of a fully integrated mixed processor solution. The ARM926EJ-S is a 32-bit RISC processor core that performs 32-bit or 16-bit instructions and processes 32-bit, 16-bit, or 8-bit data. The core uses pipelining so that all parts of the processor and memory system can operate continuously. The ARM core has a coprocessor 15 (CP15), protection module, and Data and program Memory Management Units (MMUs) with table look-aside buffers. It has separate 16K-byte instruction and 16K-byte data caches. Both are four-way associative with virtual index virtual tag (VIVT). The ARM core also has a 8KB RAM (Vector Table) and 64KB ROM. The peripheral set includes: a 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet MAC (EMAC) with a Management Data Input/Output (MDIO) module; one USB2.0 OTG interface; one USB1.1 OHCI interface; two inter-integrated circuit (I2C) Bus interfaces; one multichannel audio serial port (McASP) with 16 serializers and FIFO buffers; two multichannel buffered serial ports (McBSP) with FIFO buffers; two SPI interfaces with multiple chip selects; four 64-bit general-purpose timers each configurable (one configurable as watchdog); a configurable 16-bit host port interface (HPI) ; up to 9 banks of 16 pins of general-purpose input/output (GPIO) with programmable interrupt/event generation modes, multiplexed with other peripherals; three UART interfaces (each with RTS and CTS); two enhanced high-resolution pulse width modulator (eHRPWM) peripherals; 3 32-bit enhanced capture (eCAP) module peripherals which can be configured as 3 capture inputs or 3 auxiliary pulse width modulator (APWM) outputs; and 2 external memory interfaces: an asynchronous and SDRAM external memory interface (EMIFA) for slower memories or peripherals, and a higher speed DDR2/Mobile DDR controller. The Ethernet Media Access Controller (EMAC) provides an efficient interface between the device and a network. The EMAC supports both 10Base-T and 100Base-TX, or 10 Mbits/second (Mbps) and 100 Mbps in either half- or full-duplex mode. Additionally an Management Data Input/Output (MDIO) interface is available for PHY configuration. The EMAC supports both MII and RMII interfaces. The SATA controller provides a high-speed interface to mass data storage devices. The SATA controller supports both SATA I (1.5 Gbps) and SATA II (3.0 Gbps). The Universal Parallel Port (uPP) provides a high-speed interface to many types of data converters, FPGAs or other parallel devices. The UPP supports programmable data widths between 8- to 16-bits on each of two channels. Single-data rate and double-data rate transfers are supported as well as START, ENABLE and WAIT signals to provide control for a variety of data converters. A Video Port Interface (VPIF) is included providing a flexible video input/output port. The rich peripheral set provides the ability to control external peripheral devices and communicate with external processors. For details on each of the peripherals, see the related sections later in this document and the associated peripheral reference guides. The device has a complete set of development tools for the ARM. These include C compilers, and scheduling, and a Windows debugger interface for visibility into source code execution.
AM1808EZCE4(Texas Instruments) Specifications
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Product Category: Embedded - Microprocessors
Series: Sitara
Packaging: Tray
Unit-Weight: 0.027845 oz
Mounting-Style: SMD/SMT
Package-Case: 361-LFBGA
Operating-Temperature: 0°C ~ 90°C (TJ)
Supplier-Device-Package: 361-NFBGA (13x13)
Memory-Type: L1 Cache RAM ROM
Voltage-I-O: 1.8V, 3.3V
Speed: 456MHz
Core-Processor: ARM926EJ-S
Number-of-Cores-Bus-Width: 1 Core, 32-Bit
Co-Processors-DSP: System Control; CP15
RAM-Controllers: LPDDR, DDR2
Graphics-Acceleration: No
Display-&-Interface-Controllers: LCD
Ethernet: 10/100 Mbps (1)
SATA: SATA 3Gbps (1)
USB: USB 1.1 + PHY (1), USB 2.0 + PHY (1)
Security-Features: -
Number-of-Cores: 1 Core
Maximum-Operating-Temperature: + 90 C
Minimum-Operating-Temperature: 0 C
Operating-Supply-Voltage: 1.3 V
Interface-Type: Ethernet I2C SPI UART USB
Core: ARM926EJ-S
Processor-Series: Sitara
Data-Bus-Width: 32 bit/16 bit
Package-Case: PBGA-361
Maximum-Clock-Frequency: 456 MHz
L1-Cache-Instruction-Memory: 16 kB
L1-Cache-Data-Memory: 16 kB
Data-RAM-Size: 8 kB 128 kB
I-O-Voltage: 1.8 V 3.3 V
Number-of-Timers-Counters: 6 x 32 bit
Watchdog-Timers: Watchdog Timer
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Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
AM1808EZCE4 DISTI # V39:1801_07229982
Texas Instruments MPU AM18x RISC 32bit 456MHz 1.8V/3.3V 361-Pin NFBGA 0
  • 1 $12.2090
AM1808EZCE4 DISTI # V36:1790_07229982
Texas Instruments MPU AM18x RISC 32bit 456MHz 1.8V/3.3V 361-Pin NFBGA 0  
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
AM1808EZCE4 DISTI # 296-39679-ND
Texas Instruments IC MPU SITARA 456MHZ 361NFBGA RoHS: Compliant Min Qty: 1 Container: Tray 1472
In Stock
  • 640 $12.7600
  • 160 $14.3440
  • 25 $16.2800
  • 10 $16.9840
  • 1 $18.4800
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
Texas Instruments MPU AM1808 Sitara RISC 32-Bit 456MHz 1.8V/3.3V 361-Pin NFBGA Tray - Trays (Alt: AM1808EZCE4) RoHS: Compliant Min Qty: 160 Container: Tray Americas - 0
  • 160 $11.4900
  • 320 $11.3900
  • 640 $11.0900
  • 960 $10.7900
  • 1600 $10.5900
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
Texas Instruments Sitara Processor: ARM9, LPDDR, DDR2, Display, Ethernet 2341
  • 1000 $10.0000
  • 750 $10.0300
  • 500 $11.1800
  • 250 $12.1400
  • 100 $12.7600
  • 25 $14.6100
  • 10 $15.1400
  • 1 $16.2800
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
AM1808EZCE4 DISTI # 595-AM1808EZCE4
Texas Instruments Microprocessors - MPU Sitara Processor RoHS: Compliant 0
  • 1 $18.4700
  • 10 $16.9800
  • 25 $16.1000
  • 100 $14.3400
  • 250 $13.6400
  • 500 $12.7600
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
Texas Instruments RISC Microprocessor, 32-Bit, 456MHz, CMOS, PBGA361 RoHS: Compliant 44
  • 1000 $11.5800
  • 500 $12.1900
  • 100 $12.6900
  • 25 $13.2300
  • 1 $14.2500

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