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HFG208-W-S-R01 RECTRON Authorized Resource & Competitive Price

HFG208-W-S-R01 - RECTRON - Diodes - General Purpose, Power, Switching
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Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
1-1617032-7 DISTI # 1-1617032-7-ND
TE Connectivity Ltd HFW1201S180 = HFW 1/2 SIZE REL RoHS: Not compliant Min Qty: 10 Container: Bulk Temporarily Out of Stock
  • 10 $227.2760
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
HFW1201S180 DISTI # 26171650
TE Connectivity Ltd HFW1201S180 12
  • 25 $146.7200
  • 10 $221.3800
  • 1 $243.5200
HFW1201S180 DISTI # 26720507
TE Connectivity Ltd HFW1201S180 4
  • 1 $188.8204
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
TE Connectivity Ltd   RoHS: Not compliant 17 In Stock
  • 5 $180.6500
  • 3 $182.4500
  • 1 $184.1900
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
HFW1201S180 DISTI # C1S757100409245
TE Connectivity Ltd Signal Relays 3
  • 1 $302.0000
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
HFW1201S180 DISTI # HFW1201S180
TE Connectivity Ltd   11
  • 1 $184.1900
  • 3 $182.4500
  • 5 $180.6500
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