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KU80386EX33TC - INTEL - Electronic Components ICs
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KU80386EX33TC(INTEL) Specifications
Manufacturer: INTEL
Product Category: IC Chips
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Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
Intel Corporation 32-BIT, 33 MHZ, MICROPROCESSOR, PQFP132 51
  • 22 $11.1000
  • 7 $12.0000
  • 1 $13.5000
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
Intel Corporation   65  
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Ahmad Ak5.012-09-2019The worldway web site is far better than the competition. The only thing lacking is a section of the bottom of each page showing "similar items". For instance I was ordering a cable, for which I had the part number, and I wanted a longer version. It would
Ai Honjo5.012-09-2019Next day delivery for orders in Texas and Oklahoma!
AJ Gomez5.012-08-2019worldway has everything! Site is easy to search and navigate. No minimum quantities. Fast shipping!
Alex Lam5.012-08-2019Very much appreciate the option to hold order until all items, including back ordered items, can be shipped at once rather than incremental shipments.
Alex Yeo5.012-07-2019Never had a problem. Great company.
Alexandr5.012-07-2019Long time customer, easy to work with.
ALI ABID5.012-06-2019Always easy to locate what I need, on a fast and efficient website! Keep up the good work!
ALICE WU5.012-06-2019I appreciate worldway Electronics on many levels. The website allow for easy parts locating through extensive filters and the fact that there are no minimums on quantity makes it easy for an amateur such as myself to enjoy the field of electronics. I've l
Alina Li5.012-05-2019Good pricing, stocking. I really like priority mail...much faster than UPS or FedEx.
amy.chan5.012-05-2019your're doing fine. Unless you want to give chips away. hahaha

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