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HY27UF082G2B-FPIB(Hynix) Specifications
Manufacturer: HYNIX
Product Category: IC Chips
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Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
HY27UF082G2B-TPCB DISTI # 15R1667
SK Hynix Inc FLASH MEMORY, 2GB, 20NS, 48-TSOP, Flash Memory Type:SLC NAND, Memory Size:2048Mbit, Flash Memory Configuration:256M x 8bit, IC Interface Type:Parallel, Memory Case Style:TSOP, No. of Pins:48Pins, Clock Frequency:-, Access Time:20ns RoHS Compliant: Yes RoHS: Compliant 0  
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
  • 5 $9.2250
  • 1 $12.3000
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
SK Hynix Inc   RoHS: Not Compliant Europe - 989  

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