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IT6218P33NR - HellermannTyton - Electronic Components ICs
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IT6218P33NR(HellermannTyton) Specifications
Manufacturer: ITC
Product Category: IC Chips
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Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
HellermannTyton IT18R ORN ID TIE 3.94" RoHS: Not compliant Min Qty: 30000 Container: Bulk Temporarily Out of Stock
  • 30000 $0.4838
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
IT18R3C2 DISTI # 71381374
HellermannTyton Identification Tie, 3.9" Long, 18lb, PA66, Orange RoHS: Compliant 0
  • 30000 $0.7200
  • 150000 $0.6000
  • 300000 $0.5100
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
HellermannTyton Identification Tie, 3.9" Long, 18lb Tensile Strength, PA66, Orange, 100/pkg 0
  • 100 $0.2325
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
IT18R3C2 DISTI # 000000000005623593
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
HellermannTyton Wire Identification IT18R ORN ID TIE 3.94 RoHS: Compliant Americas -
  • 30000 $0.1936
  • 60000 $0.1882
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