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AD823AARZ-RL - Analog Devices Inc - Precision Amplifiers
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AD823AARZ-RL(Analog Devices Inc) Specifications
Manufacturer: ADI
Product Category: Linear - Amplifiers - Instrumentation, OP Amps, Buffer Amps
Series: AD823A
Product: Precision Amplifiers
Packaging: Reel
Mounting-Style: SMD/SMT
Output-Type: Rail to Rail Output
Number-of-Channels: 2 Channel
Shutdown: No Shutdown
Maximum-Operating-Temperature: + 85 C
Minimum-Operating-Temperature: - 40 C
Operating-Supply-Current: 6.3 mA
Supply-Voltage-Max: 36 V
Supply-Voltage-Min: 3 V
Package-Case: SOIC N
Ib-Input-Bias-Current: 25 pA
Vos-Input-Offset-Voltage: 700 uV
PSRR-Power-Supply-Rejection-Ratio: 70 dB
GBP-Gain-Bandwidth-Product: 10 MHz
SR-Slew-Rate: 30 V/us
en-Input-Voltage-Noise-Density: 14 nV/sqrt Hz
Voltage-Gain-dB: 104.86 dB
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Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
AD823AARZ-RL DISTI # V36:1790_06214749
Analog Devices Inc OP Amp Dual GP R-R O/P ±18V/36V 8-Pin SOIC N T/R RoHS: Compliant 0  
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
Analog Devices Inc IC OPAMP JFET 2 CIRCUIT 8SOIC RoHS: Compliant Min Qty: 2500 Container: Tape & Reel (TR) Temporarily Out of Stock
  • 2500 $4.0178
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
Analog Devices Inc Precision Amplifiers 17MHz RR FET Input Dual RoHS: Compliant 1115
  • 1 $6.8900
  • 10 $6.2000
  • 25 $5.8300
  • 50 $5.4800
  • 100 $5.2000
  • 250 $4.8900
  • 500 $4.4400
Analog Devices Inc Precision Amplifiers 17MHz RR FET Input Dual RoHS: Compliant 140
  • 1 $6.8900
  • 10 $6.2000
  • 25 $5.8300
  • 50 $5.4800
  • 100 $5.2000
  • 250 $4.8900
  • 500 $4.4400
Analog Devices Inc Precision Amplifiers 17MHz RR FET Input Dual RoHS: Compliant 0
  • 2500 $4.4400
Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
Analog Devices Inc Operational Amplifier, 2 Func, 5000uV Offset-Max, BIPolar, PDSO8 RoHS: Compliant 2500
  • 1000 $4.0300
  • 500 $4.2400
  • 100 $4.4100
  • 25 $4.6000
  • 1 $4.9600
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