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AK6440AM-E2 - AKE - Electronic Components ICs
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Part # Manufacturer Description Stock Price
AKE   2012
  • 1113 $1.6350
  • 497 $1.7985
  • 1 $3.2700
Customer Comment
shekhar5.012-15-2019The selection is fantastic and the service is great--wonderful parts supplier!!!
Ted Tran5.012-15-2019You guys and girls are wonderful! Thanks for helping this newby out!
Sue Doyle5.012-14-2019Great inventory and great prices, easy to use website.
Alan Ginn5.012-14-2019 worldway has been the best for many years. Very quick and easy if you know what you are looking for. ...if you don't know exactly what you are looking for, you are going to be lost.
Anna He5.012-13-2019Excellent website for research and product development! Most of all very competent people; problem solvers. People I can trust and rely on. Thank You All!
vittecoq5.012-13-2019Having visibility of where you have stock (socal, texas) on each item would allow choosing the right shipping speed - saving a lot of money. Your west coast stock is a main reason I use worldway but one can't tell what you've got there.
GaoBing5.012-12-2019worldway has a huge inventory, good website, they always ship fast, I've never seen them mess up an order. Good selection of parts.
Jay Lin5.012-12-2019I find the site very easy to search and sort to my desires.
K V Nair5.012-11-2019Have never had a problem with worldway. Packages arrive on time and in great condition. The selection and web tools are great also.
Robin YIN5.012-11-2019worldway had the parts in stock and more shipping choices!

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